Posted by: dacalu | 23 May 2008

The first 48 hours

Greetings and Salutations from London.

The first couple days of the trip have been extraordinarily full. I flew in from Seattle via Calgary and managed not to sleep for about 34, but I’ve slept now and am (somewhat lucid).

Ian Mobsby very kindly picked me up at the airport and drove me to St. Matthew’s, where I’ll be staying for the first couple weeks of the trip. It’s a bit of a sprawl, with sanctuary, chapel, offices and guest rooms jumbled together around a courtyard. All quite beautiful. The ornamentation in the worship spaces is truly amazing. I’m including a picture of the chapel.

St. M’s is right in Westminster, so it’s just a couple blocks to the Abbey and Church House, where the national offices are located. All quite amazing.

My first full day here was the feast of Corpus Christi, and I was concelebrant for the Mass here at St. M’s. After that, Ian and I headed over to the Mind, Body, and Spirit Festival to man the Dekhomai booth. Mind, Body, and Spirit has all sorts of tents for natural healing and spiritual growth activities–from geomancy to stones to reiki. Dekhomai aims to be an easy and welcoming introduction to Christianity. We had prayer beads, card readings, and hand and foot massage for anyone who wanted to drop in. This meant that I did very high church and very alt church on my very first day. It was great. After that, I wandered around London for a bit.

I hope to post every few days. Feel free to leave comments or email me to say hi.

Peace to all.




  1. …looking forward to keeping up with your blog

    …Ian is a new “blogland” friend

    …eager to meet him here in Denver this summer

    …if you ever get this way, please let me know

    …have great friends in WA, and will be up there some time this summer/fall

  2. Hey Lucas!

    Looks like you’re doing some cool stuff across the pond! I am still working on emerging church stuff in San Francisco and am having a lot of fun.

    Best wishes and let’s keep in touch!


  3. Lucas, I’m glad you’re having a good time here already. Also glad you appreciate the golden angels. Looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday and taking you to the theatre.

  4. Wow! When you mentioned London on my Facebook page, I didn’t know you were actually moving there. Congratulations!

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