Posted by: dacalu | 26 May 2008

A Full Day

Well, London has been very exciting.  I’m trying to get myself to slow down, but there are too many exciting things to do.

On Friday, I spent some more time at the Mind Body & Spirit Festival and had a wonderful time.  I got a chance to meet Jonathan Green, the pastor from Sanctuary (a Methodist emerging church in London, and saw a few more of the exhibits.  MBS was pretty wacky, but their are lots of amazing people there.  I had a great talk with a born again (Christian) vegan that really inspired me.

After that, I caught the musical Avenue Q.  It’s all about finding purpose in life.  Totally irreverent and un-PC and quite entertaining.

Saturday had some downtime before I checked out Ishigaki Jujitsu up in Tottenham Court.  I had lots of fun throwing people around and meeting some local jujitsu players.  After that I came home and finished up my sermon for Sunday morning.

Sunday was a marathon.  At 11am I served as deacon for the mass.  For my friends in the States, St. Matthews is Very High Church, with a relatively small congregation (about 25).  I’m told that there is much higher church around here and I hope to get a chance to see some of it.  It’s been an interesting experience learning how things are done here.  I also preached the sermon for the feast of Corpus Christi–celebrating the sacrament of eucharist.  (If you’d like a copy, send me an email.)  Just to make things especially fun, someone came in the vestry 5 minutes before the service started to tell us that the Archbishop of Canterbury was there. Rowan Williams shows up at St. Matthew’s about once a month, strictly off duty and there for worship.  Still it was a little nerve wracking preaching for the head of the Anglican Communion.

After church, I had lunch with the rector in St. Matthew’s house.  Thoroughly delightful, but more silverware than I’m used to.

In the afternoon, I got a chance to experience my first Moot service.  Moot Scream was about 15 people, mostly families with small children.  The atmosphere was quite relaxed.  We met in a big room with a canvas spread out on the floor for the kids to play on.  We sat on the floor in a circle around the kids and had a very low key service, with prayers and some reflections on work.  Everyone was very friendly and the attention to poetry, the casual friendly atmosphere, and the openness to new ideas reminded me of COTA.

After MootScream came a community meeting, where we talked about long term planning for the community.  This went really smoothly, I thought and I was impressed by the level of organization and involvement.

The meeting was followed by Compline.  We met in a side chapel of St. M’s, listened to an examine and said our evening prayers by candlelight.  Some people stayed for the whole afternoon/evening, others showed up for just one event.  And at the end, we all headed out to a pub for a drink, where I promptly fell into a conversation on post-modernism, philosophy, and identity.  (grin.)

So, that’s the scoop.  I’m off to see some local churches tomorrow, so I hope to have pictures for you in the next blog.  Peace to all.




  1. …I would welcome a copy of your message

    …fascinating following your journey

    …thank you for sharing

    Wes Roberts



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