Posted by: dacalu | 8 June 2008

Vital Testing Equipment

Hopefully one or two of you will be geek enough to understand the title.

This is a mini-entry, or bloglet, if you will.  I just wanted to insert a few pictures of CCTV cameras everywhere around Westminster.  It’s a little scary how many government cameras are in place.  I understand the security concerns, but still it seems a little 1984 or V for Vendetta if you do graphic novels.  Every once in a while I look up and see them and find it a bit freaky.

Some undefended figures:  20% of the CCTV cameras in the world are in England, and I’ve seen estimates of 1/12 to 1/14 for the number of cameras per UK citizen.  I can’t find an estimate for London, but it’s clearly the most videoed city and Westminster (containing so many government offices) may be the most videoed part of the city.

No real take home message here, just sharing the view.  It helps that the one on our block here at St. Matthew’s looks like the evil computer from the video game Portal.


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