Posted by: dacalu | 19 June 2008


Last Tuesday, I departed London for Oxford and points North and haven’t been able to blog.  Just yesterday, I returned to Seattle and am once again in touch, so I’ll promise to catch up soon.  Just a few notes so you know what’s up.  After my last post, I got a chance to experience the Moot Big Service, which was really awesome.  I caught a couple more services in London before heading off.  It was sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful people at Moot, who already feel like family.

I went North and spent two days at Oxford.  It’s gorgeous in a Gothic sort of way and I got a chance to talk to Ian Adams (Maybe) and Matt Rees (Home).  Matt and Pippa kindly put me up for the night.  I also went to the Scientific Instruments Museum, which filled my geek quotient for the year.  It was awesome.

After Oxford, I went to Birmingham, to stay with my friend Adele Rees for a few days.  I needed a break and Birmingham was perfect.  I chilled out at the house, slept, ate, and walked.  It helped me recover some calm and the cough got a good bit better.  I got a chance to visit B1 as well.  On Monday, I started the 38 hour marathon of travel back home to Seattle.

More about all of it soon.




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