Posted by: dacalu | 23 November 2009

The hope that is in you

“Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an account of the hope that is in you;” (I Peter 3:15)

Someone asked me today about the year 2012 and the fears many are sharing about ill times to come. It is true that the end of the world may come at any time, but it is also true that the Lord provides for each and every day. Personally, I think that the apocalypse is not so near, but there is, I think, a far more pressing issue–one of hope.

Regardless of when the end comes, we have a message to share as Christians–a message of love: the goodness of God, the goodness of one another, and the goodness of creation. Though empires rise and fall, though markets grow and collapse, though individuals come and go, God remains and nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Have you danced today?

The Lord who made you, loves you as a child.
So I will ask again.

Have you danced today?
Have you sung?
Have you praised God?
Have you laughed?
Have you smiled at someone for no good reason?

These are signs of the kingdom,
signs of blessedness and hope.

Mind you, I did not ask if you were happy, though I wish that for you as well.
One may dance when sad, and laugh and sing, praise, and even smile.
We may do these things because we are children of God.
And, though we mourn for the dead, we await the resurrection.
Though we recognize evil in the world, we reach out to help.
Though we cry, we know that God cries with us.

Being Christian brings a whole new perspective.
Money is important.
Power and empires, bodies and countries.
We have an incarnate faith, after all, and an incarnate God.
But in the end we know that souls are greater than these things.
No matter what else occurs we can always reach out in love to other souls,
and, should the worst befall and we find ourselves totally alone,
we can still reach out to God
who reaches out to us.
Have hope.
There are new things to learn, new people to love, and new horizons.
For God continues to create.
This is the hope that is in me. This is the joy.
And, even when I am not happy, I have this hope, for I have this God.
Reach out, then, and love those around you.
Have hope.
Smile, laugh, sing, dance, praise God, for these things spread hope to those
around you.
Be the change you wish to see.


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