Posted by: dacalu | 19 August 2010

Three Principles of Theology

No essay today, but I wanted to put in a quick note about three principles I think are essential when practicing theology – the study of God, including most of the intellectual pursuits of religion.

1) Inclusivity: Every good theology speaks about us. Any theology of them will be flawed.

2) Prospectivity: Every good theology deals with where we are and where we are going. Discussions of where we should be (but aren’t) aren’t helpful. This particularly applies to past injustices. They need to be dealt with as present difficulties, but, as they cannot be undone, they should be built upon rather than blamed or lamented.

3) Relationship: Theology aims at Truth (a person, Jesus Christ) and not at truth (an intellectual proposition). Any theology that attempts to reveal objective knowledge by harming subjective relationship will fail at both. Things which are not loved, cannot be known.

So theology addresses what we do in our growing relationship with God.

EXTRA REFLECTION: In looking around at the campus Christian groups today, I noticed something. Christian groups tend to minister primarily to the popular folks (and their attendants) or primarily to the unpopular folks. I lament this division and long for a day when one church attracts all, but in the meantime, I’ll be ministering to the unpopular.


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