Posted by: dacalu | 7 January 2011


It’s the time of year for New Year’s Resolutions, so here goes:

1)   I will not give in to works righteousness, be it saying a mass, reciting a creed, doing good works, or “accepting Jesus into my heart.”  It’s all about loving God and others, not being saved myself.  I will strive to honor the image of God in all whom I encounter.

2)   I will not give in to Gnosticism, be it secret rites, secret handshakes, or the one inerrant reading of scripture.  The Truth is Jesus Christ who can only be known by conversation with him and his children.  I will speak to Christ at all times and listen in all places.

3)   I will not give in to triumphalism, be it the personal, national, or even religious.  To God belong the kingdom, the power, and the glory and God’s good ends exceed my imagination.  I will wait upon the Lord, reacting with compassion to victory and defeat, friend and enemy alike.

4)   I will not give in to greed or want, be it for power, money, status, purpose or love.  God provides grace sufficient to the day, joy in success, patience in adversity, and love at all times.  I will live in the moment.

May God guide you in the coming year.  May joy find you.

May you walk in the path of Christ and find your true home.

And may the Spirit of Life abide in you and all you meet from this day forth into eternity.


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