Posted by: dacalu | 28 January 2012

Life (poem)

I presented this piece for the Society of Ordained Scientists retreat this past week.


Life (Lucas Mix, 2003)


And could it truly mean something

This revelation

Revolution of my soul

Did I see, or spinning like a top

Simply land with a different face up


And could it be something

That ceases to be

Existence predicated on death

That entering our consciousness

Must lose it


Did I see something

In his birth

That was created out of nothingness

Or were the pieces

Simply rearranged


Did I lose something

In his death

That was entered into nothingness

As his light entered

The nothingness of my life


Did he become something

That I hate to lose

To lose sight of existence

If blessing it be

Then being is blessing, regardless


This too is meaning

That meaningless light

Meaningless strings of DNA

Should code and coil and make

Of life a pattern on an empty canvass


So I regard life as something

Regardless of death

That enters into

And departs from

the stage.


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