Posted by: dacalu | 17 March 2012


And one more.


Distance [Lucas John Mix 3/16/12]



in the midst of the sea

An oasis

some might say

in the sea of madness

An incantation

that makes meaning out of chaos

and a subtle tune

that lies beneath reality

knitting atoms to atoms

plucking strings and

striking harmonies

To stand upon the back of Tiamat

slumped upon the waves

O brave new world

O bright and shining star

That separates the waves


We set our hope upon the Moon

asking her to separate

the Earth from the Heavens

gateway and guardian

And we dream

what it would be like

to stand upon her face

to see and be the terminus

between day and night

known and unknown

sanity and madness

Such expectation

cast upon a rock

floating in the darkness


Does she look back upon us

with the same wonder?

or does she still feel the

pangs of separation

so long ago when the Earth was new?

Who knew then

what sacrifice

Who knew then what wonders earth would

spawn, what warmth of kith and

kin, trilobites and dinosaurs and fragile

men making poems – and mirth

And she, silent on the deep

gazing down, always gazing down

upon the merriment

Face to the Sun

No, face to the warmth of our fires

across the void


We need her, there upon the deep

keeping the flood at bay

smiling down upon the brightsome Earth

We romanticize and dream and look

with wonder

But she looks longingly with wonder

upon our dance and waits

for man to come to her.

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