Posted by: dacalu | 17 March 2012

Three Poems

A break from theology tonight, with these poems I wrote today.


Silence [Lucas John Mix 3/16/12)


I cannot say.


It gnaws at me,

this worm inside;

curled around my brainstem

like Yggdrasil.


I cannot say if it holds me up

fighting off dread entropy

or slowly wears me down

like a pack of vines harrying a sycamore


The rough, weary scars

of wearing a brace since birth

and the ache of a fungus

slowly, ever so slowly

eating away at my bones.


Who would I be without this

slow disintegration

of action into reaction?

Who would I be unshaped by

need for something that cannot be –

hunger for a lost, unseen reality?


I cannot say.



Conceit [Lucas John Mix 3/16/12]


I cannot be subtle

she said with a twinkle in her eye.

I cannot be coy or brutal

in my silences

sparing and tenacious in my words.

I cannot refrain

from speaking my mind.


What a cruel joke

that so much of our communication


What insanity that speaking my truth


We are the spaces in between the words:

notes and rests that hint


of the voiceless page they’re inked on.

No melody, no rhythm, no time –

only a gracious space, unfilled


I cannot not say

and so I say

something else.



Fragility [Lucas John Mix 3/16/12]


Fragility – the movement of my heart

within my breast

so uncomplicated, that rhythm

that sets the tempo of my life


Sad sometimes, that it cannot break

into syncopation

without ceasing to be.


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