Posted by: dacalu | 23 June 2012

Fun with God

Recently, I posted on pie-in-the-sky.  It was, as many of my posts, very “metaphysical-ish.”  I thought of another way to say the same thing, but with a bit more humor.

Life is fun.  Life is meant to be fun.  It’s a game, not in the sense of rules, strategy, winners and losers, but in the sense of something we enjoy.  Something we enter into.

I believe in life beyond physical life.  Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about afterlife per se or eternal life or Nirvana.  What matters is knowing that death does not mean losing the game.  Nor for that matter can we say that physical pleasure is the only way to win.  The problem with physicalism – the idea that only physical things exist – is that it makes it very hard to have fun while playing.  It limits the number of ways in which you can win and tends to make you take (physical) life “in deadly earnest.”

I believe in fun.  I believe in “playing” in the best sense of the word, as a 3 year old can play with nothing more than a stick and a pile of mud.  No rules, no competition, only delight in the experience.  I want to play at life.

Too often religions – and equally anti-religions – tell us we cannot have fun.  You can’t play that way because there are real stakes and the desires you have just don’t matter.  F$%# that.

Christianity, at its best, recognizes that life is to be lived.  (Luke 7:31-35)  Jesus ate and drank, and yes, he partied.  I know that party dude Jesus will not make most sermons, nor perhaps should he, but the man who turned water into wine knew how to have a good time.  Christianity, at its best, tells us that we need to live into eternity now, enter the feast (Kingdom) now, along with everyone else.  Boring Christianity can’t really be Christianity.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is sacrifice involved and witness and horribly hard work.  It’s just that the fun – the full engagement and setting your own goals – goes with that.  If your idea of life – or Christianity – means that work or worship, sex or saintliness, or anything else cannot be fun, then I worry you’ve missed the point.  If you think that the game must be played with only one goal in mind – be it physical life, heaven, pleasure, or liberty – then I know you’ve missed the point.

God’s having fun with you.  I’d encourage you to have fun with God.


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