Posted by: dacalu | 3 July 2012


Such expectation

cast upon a rock

floating in the darkness.


Does she look back on us

with that same wonder?

Does she still feel the

ache of separation

so long ago when Earth was new?


Who knew then

what sacrifice;

Who knew then

what wonders earth would spawn –

what warmth of kith and kin,

trilobites and dinosaurs and fragile men

making poetry

and mirth?


And she, silent on the deep,

gazing down,

always gazing down

upon the merriment.

Face to the Sun,

but no.

Face to the warmth of our fires

fierce across the void.


We need her there,

there upon the deep,

keeping watch and ward,

separating time and space

from the Earth below.

We romanticize and dream

and look with wonder,

But she,

she looks longingly

with wonder

back upon our dance

and waits

for man to come to her…


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