Posted by: dacalu | 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

            Christmas need not be complicated.  On this day, Christians remember that God became one of us, that we might become one with God.  We remember a child, Jesus of Nazareth, called Emmanuel – God with us.  We remember his parents, who were away from home, weary, and almost overwhelmed by their first child.  We remember that there was no room for them, that Mary had to give birth in a stable and lay out the child in the only bed available, a water trough. And in the midst of this, they had grace enough.  Jesus proved to be a bridge between God and humans, between Jews and Gentiles, between the world that was passing away and the world that was to come.  Jesus, even as a baby, brought together kings and shepherds, angels and animals.  Jesus came that we all might be one.  And we believe that for this one day, there was peace on Earth.

            Whatever you bring to the holiday, I wish you this blessing: that you may find peace with your neighbors.  I cannot claim it is easy, but it is not complicated.  It requires that you make of yourself a gift to others, in honesty, trust, and love.  It requires a shift in thinking so that you can see them as gifts to you as well.  And, though peace on Earth will not come quickly, I do believe it will come.  I hope you will take this day to reach out to those around you, those near and far, those beloved and those estranged.  See if they cannot become just a little more like family – in the best, brightest sense of that word.

            And, may God who came to us in Jesus, come to you in each and every face you meet.  Merry Christmas!


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