Posted by: dacalu | 19 March 2014

Infectious Joy

This Lent, I have been asked to write several reflections for a series assembled by college chaplaincies in the Boston area. Here is my reflection for today.

Have you ever smiled at a stranger? Have you ever been cheered up by laughter overheard on the bus?  I think we forget the infectious nature of joy, even when it has nothing to do with our own goals and our own understanding. God has given us this gift and we have the opportunity, perhaps the obligation to pass it on.

I can think of several times in my life when a stray smile has improved my day: a man on the street, a woman in the congregation, a friendly face on the bus.  Just last month, I smiled at a man as we were waiting for the bus at Logan airport.  He in turn asked me a question about how to get to Harvard, and we ended up talking about theology and law for the next 30 minutes.

You don’t need an excuse to be happy. You don’t need an excuse to share your joy. This Lent I pray you will be light of heart and that your lightness will enlighten those around you.


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