Posted by: dacalu | 4 May 2014


Magination: speaking of things that aren’t

Lucas Mix [5/4/14]



How do I communicate

believing in the meaning

of a thing that isn’t true?



We tilt at the windmills of truth.

We ride uncertainty.

We face the dragons of doubt.


But arguments unceasing

on the seemings of our meanings

will tire the dauntless soldier.


And so we trust the squire, the fool, the apothecary.


Bedlam or bromide,

the nonsense stems the tide

of our philosophy.



Which came first,

Fool or mockery,

Crock or crockery,

or just an egg, broken?


They told me I was beholden,

emboldened by my art,

to decorate the frame of truth with gaity,

wrapping words around the pole,

all widdershins.

But what if we were to go in the opposite direction?

What if the worlds grew from frivolity,

sprouted from doubting questions

and unpaired rhymes until

reason must be hung from the tree to

grant wisdom?

Nine days instead of seven,

and still no end in sight.

Still no true center,

but only the play of words,

within a poet’s dream.


What is truth, that thou art mindful of it?



There is a me I see,

the one I long to be,

who lives beside the you you see inside.

In thought they aren’t real,

but they rule the things we feel

and choose which self we must reveal or hide.


And so we play,

play with meaning,

play with reality,

play at being real.


We idolize reality,

but we live in the margins.



I dance with truth in the pale moonlight,

Yet by day she skips away

sounding the clarion call

for me to follow.

I look by day, but see at night.



Is this what it means to be human,

to see the things that aren’t there,

to build our airy castles in the air –

or to live in them?



Will you come and play croquet with us in the garden?

Truth is here, all freckled and starry eyed.

He asked for you…


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