Posted by: dacalu | 11 August 2014

Bite Size Jesus: Creation

The story of the world begins with an author. The Author – like the Word, both a person and a principle – gives this world a plot. It means something when read in its entirety. The plot is good and the end is good and all of the characters are good: light and darkness, the sky, the earth and seas and plants, living things: tiny and huge, tame and wild. Humans act as a main character; like authors they keep and drive the plot. And this story, with humans in it, is very good.

Many people mistake the point of creation. They think it is about defending the author, but the author needs no defense. The point of creation is to defend the world as meaningful, good, and complete as written. The world does not need editing. It gets its goodness from the same place it gets its existence. Often we do not understand the details of reality or morality, but we trust that the author is going somewhere with all of it. Creation asks that we read every word in curiosity and hope.



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