Posted by: dacalu | 15 August 2014

Bite Size Jesus: The Fall

If life is a good story with an Author who loves us, why is it so painful? Why do bad things happen? Christians remember a time (it could be historical or just figurative), when the earth was a garden, when only two humans walked among the trees, and the Author walked with them. Things were good.

The Fall refers to the break from that goodness: strife with the world, with one another, and with God. Christians think humans caused the break. The first humans ate fruit from a tree after God asked them not to. But this was not enough. God came to the humans and asked them what happened. First they hid. Then they blamed. The man blamed the woman and the woman blamed the snake. So, humans broke the rules then they broke fellowship. They did not care for the garden, the trees or the animals, or one another.

That is the situation we still find ourselves in, though it’s much harder for us now, because humans have been in the habit of selfishness for a very long time. We live in selfish communities. One of the goals of the community of Christ is to fix the break.

[Strangely, many tell this as a tale of disobedience; we suffer because we do not obey. In the Bible, harm does not come when the humans disobey, but when they don’t listen, hide, and cast blame. God does not punish them, but spells out the results of their actions then prevents them from doing further harm. Similarly, Paul does not speak of Adam’s disobedience, but his lapse. Christians, if this sounds odd to you, please read Genesis 2-3 and Romans 5 again.]



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