Posted by: dacalu | 21 September 2014

Why Corporations Are the Zombie Apocalypse

What if the Zombie Apocalypse already happened, but no one noticed?

They’re not human. Please tell me you can see it. I feel like I’m living in a horror movie, with all these bodies walking around, talking, working, and eating people’s brains, but no-one notices. Brian Pellot posted a great blog joking that corporations deserve all human rights. They own property. The Supreme Court treats them like citizens, with free speech and freedom of religion. Why not go all the way?

Do they have hearts and minds? That’s what I want to know. Perhaps if they did, it wouldn’t be so bad. But, no. They borrow hearts and minds – dare I say it, souls – from their stockholders. It isn’t really a mindless hoard of corporations, sucking on the cerebellum of America. It’s a shockingly small number of investors who have managed to export their ideals into countless corporate bodies.

There are nearly 6 million corporations paying taxes in the US, or one for every 53 people. That doesn’t sound so bad until you think seriously about how many corporations are controlled by how few capitalists. One voice can echo in ten throats, one hand can manipulate a hundred arms. When every corporation has the rights of an individual, a few individuals can acquire the rights of many.

We believe in one person, one vote. We believe in a marketplace of ideas, and that marketplace is slowly filling up with the borrowed souls of corporations – zombies that feed the desires of the privileged few who can afford to replicate themselves. If you’re a corporation reading this, then it’s already too late. But if you’re a human, please speak up. I don’t know if I can face them alone.



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