Posted by: dacalu | 17 November 2014

Bite Size Jesus: The Old Testament

Christians remember a long history of communication between the world and its Author. Through angels and prophets we worked to repair the alienation between the two. The Old Testament (book) provides perspectives on the long relationship between the Author and a particular people, Israel. Angels visited the prophet Abraham and he made an agreement with the Author on behalf of his family sometime around 2000 BC. His descendants go by the name of his grandson Jacob, called Israel (“wrestles with God”).

The people of Israel updated their agreement through the prophet Moses in the fourteenth century BC. The “Mosaic covenant”, which Christians also call the Old Testament (covenant), said that the Author would be the God of Israel, abiding with them and protecting them. Israel agreed to keep the 613 commandments given to Moses at Sinai, the first 10 of which are recorded in Exodus 34. They include rules for behavior, cleanliness, food, clothing, and regular animal sacrifices. Originally the sacrifices were performed at a moveable tent (tabernacle) but eventually they settled at a permanent building called the Temple in Jerusalem.


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