Posted by: dacalu | 29 December 2014

Christmas Poem


Lucas Mix [12/28/14]


Let all mortal flesh keep silent

Waiting for his cry.

Let the world with bated breath

hear his drawing nigh.


Let the snowfall cover sin

Shrouding war with white.

Let the wisest still their tongues

On this silent night.


Let the past be for a time

Lost in newfound grace.

Let the future wait a spell

For its time and place.


Let the clocklike heavens

Mark the passing hour.

Let the countless ages run

Under their own power.


Let your heartbeat keep the time.

Forget why and how.

Still your thoughts, let go your fears,

And idle in the now.


Let the starlight guide you home.

Let the word be true.

Let the baby nap a while,

In a world made new.


Let the Lord of broadness gather,

Far off nations seek.

Peace, be still, and listen close

for lo, the Lord may speak.


For one word fills the heavens,

And one word made the earth,

And one word dwells among us,

Spoken in that birth.


In you the Lord finds favor;

Ponder it anew.

For the God who waits in silence

Is a God who listens, too.


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