Posted by: dacalu | 26 October 2015

Halloween Prayer

“From ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggity beasties and things that go bump in the night; dear Lord, deliver us.” (traditional Anglican prayer)

It sounds quaint now, but it should remind us that, for many, ghosts and ghouls are real. They are the very real and present traumas that remain from losing people close to us and the very real and present vices that feed on these traumas. I do not say this to naturalize or temporize supernatural ghosts and ghouls. Perhaps they exist; perhaps they don’t. I say it to recognize that our dead stay with us and this can be a way of talking about it. Ghosts and ghouls are just as real as the mosquitos and other long-leggity beasties that bring sickness to most of the world. They are just as real as Vikings – whose longboats when bump against the town dock in the middle of the night before a raid – and other terrors of politics beyond our control. Halloween brings us face to face with our terror and fascination for forces beyond our control which nonetheless drive our lives and our deaths.

May God protect us from the terrors of the night – and the terrors of the day; may we remember the great and terrible work of making the world a place of truth, trust, hope, and love; may we find our way amidst the storm; and may God bring us safely home. Amen.



  1. Hello Lucas, i didn’t see an email for you so I am leaving you this Halloween-related message here. I’m glad I ran into you at Thai last night – I need to spend some time going through your blog and thanks for the Youth Group Lesson idea you gave me!

    Thanks to your comment I’ll be presenting a discussion on Zombies and what makes them different from Humans! That’ll lead into the presentation of the idea that the Soul, Spirit and Body are separate entities (1 Thessalonians 5:23), what we have in common with Minerals, Plants, Animals, and what separates us from them. And I’ll put out Maslow’s Hierarchy and which levels apply to each form (mineral, plant, animal, human).

    I was unable to find any posts on zombies in your blog, but the seed you gave me for the topic of my Lesson was ideal!



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