Posted by: dacalu | 30 June 2017

Rhyme and Reason


What’s argued is arguably true.

So, what is a rhetor to do

but logically fight

for what’s logically right

with arguments suited thereto.


Arguments dismal abound;

And better quite seldom are found;

Once articulated,

each one must be rated:

univocal, valid, and sound.


The logician’s weapons are few;

Ambiguous words just won’t do;

Each literal sign

must be clearly defined

or it literally cannot strike true.


(Though many examples are known

and moss differs greatly from stone,

none can agree

where the boundary should be;

The word “life” has a life of its own.)


For a strike that’s valid to land,

an argument’s course must be planned;

Given that you

hold the premises true,

you conclude just what logic demands.


(If I say, “if A is, then B,”

but the truth of B I can’t see,

as easy as pie

[‘cuz logic can’t lie]

then A I’ll deny, happily.)


An argument’s logically sound

when it’s premises clearly are found

unequivocally true

and assembled into

a pattern that’s valid all-round.


And so, we come to the end

of my lyric attempt to defend

rhetorical rigor,

and whose sword is bigger,

if, into such fights, we descend.


Better, by far, it must be,

If only we all could agree

to work these things out

without ego or doubt

and discuss things, logically.


(c) Lucas Mix 6/30/17


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