Posted by: dacalu | 19 April 2019

Good Friday Poems


Lucas Mix (4/19/19)


God at the crossroads

of was and is

and is to be,


God to man

a human hand

did give.


Love denied,

we pierced and pried

and opened wide


His offered grace,

in word and deed

and sacrifice.


Body broken

by human hands



abandoned and,

by breath forsaken,




in breathless word,

exhaled love.




Divine Frustration

A Good Friday Litany, written for Shelly Fayette

Lucas Mix, Good Friday (4/19/19)


A new heaven and a new earth (but not yet)

The righteous praised (but not yet)

The humble raised (but not yet)

All truth revealed  (but not yet)

Sickness healed (but not yet)

The hungry fed (but not yet)

The risen dead (but not yet)

Justice done (but not yet)

Vict’ry won (but not yet)

Only silence, stillness, sorrow

And the bitter word “tomorrow”

While all the world

to God replies

“Not yet”


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