Posted by: dacalu | 16 July 2020

A Wider Audience

Dear Readers,

I wanted to say hello and apologize for the lack of content recently. In addition to the coronavirus, I have been shifting my attention into new areas. Check out my work on other sites:

Christianity Today posted my essay on “Living with Bacteria” and will soon post something on the Mars 2020 mission. Check out these as well as their excellent content related to the virus.

God and Nature posted a piece about long-term thinking in biology and theology. Where are we headed? What are the “Ends of the World“? Keep your eyes out for another piece on the problem of evil coming out in Summer 2020.

Finally, I have taken a job with ECLAS, “Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science.” ECLAS supports senior church leaders in the UK with resources for cutting edge science and high quality science engaged theology. The ECLAS blog has an essay of mine on theological and scientific stories we tell about coronavirus.

I hope to share more original work in this space soon. Wishing you peace and purpose amidst the storm.

Oddly Enough,


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