I speak regularly in both academic and church settings and would be delighted to join you for a deeper exploration of issues related to science and religion. I have experience working with all ages, educational levels, and group sizes. My presentations encourage participation and engagement with the material by everyone present.



recent talks and lecture series:

Astrobiology and the Meanings of Life: How does the search for life in the universe inform our ideas about ourselves, our planet, and our place in the universe?

God and Chance: What is the relationship between God and randomness – does one exclude the other? How does this relationship play out in our understanding of modern science, particularly evolution and quantum mechanics?

Do We Still Need Souls? What work does the idea of a soul do in our understanding of biological and spiritual life? What work did it do in the past and is it still useful, today?



Recent three-day retreats:

Faith and the Problem-Solving Mindset: In what ways do engineers approach life? In what ways do pastors approach life? Are they compatible and how do we communicate? What are the challenges for Christians in each?

Embodied Mindfulness: How can we use our bodies mindfully to grow in faith and to express our love for God and neighbor? What tools do martial arts and Christianity offer for transforming conflict into communication?



Public talks: $100/hour/100 people plus travel costs
Three-day retreats: $2000 plus travel costs.

I’m happy to tailor an event to your specific needs. References on request. Please contact me by email (lucas@flirble.org) with inquiries.

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